Saturday, 21 December 2013

Syrian Refugee Children

Children are the most vulnerable and innocent in war situations however they are the most affected and harmed. Pray for them at Christmas.

Monday, 25 March 2013


The media distorts and dictates people's view over young women and girls. It creates a rift in society whereby women are seen as only sexual objects without a brain. It also creates an image that young girls feel that they have to fulfil which sets them back in life and creates low self esteem issues. Barbie is seen as a perfect woman but when I asked a young girl (aged 4) what she thought of Barbie she said:
"Barbie is very pretty, I want to be like her."
I then asked her if she thought Barbie could be a lawyer and she said:
"No but Ken could."
If we are creating a stereotype that girls should just be beautiful and wait on the man hand and foot what society will we have? People do not realise that the media world is distorted to increase consumerism. Society is dictated by a fake image and the next generation will be governed by consumerism and media.