Friday, 27 August 2010

August Baby Blues!

Children who are born in August, allegedly, don't always do as well as children who are born earlier. This, apparently, is because children who are born in August are sometimes a year younger than children who are in the same class as them. This means that they sometimes lag in class and are smaller so are a target for bullies.

I was born on the 25th of August and there were many times when I struggled to fit in with the other children. The other children thought I was too babyish and didn't want to play with me sometimes. I had difficulty learning how to write. Not anymore - I have overcome that and have bloomed!

A study has shown that twenty eight percent of of August born babies attend  University whereas thirty two percent of September born babies attend it. This fact just shows you the difference.

August babies have good company because Barack Obama was born in this month. All is not lost.

Sunday, 15 August 2010


Twilight book cover
Lately I have been reading the Twilight series of  books and I am intriuged by the level of description in it. I have watched all the movies and am impressed by how the description in the books and the film images complement each other. From now on whenever I read a book I will look at the description and sentence construction to enhance my writing abilities. I would strongly suggest that you do that to and don't say you already do that because I know that you are lying.
"A great cloud of choking, vile smoke polluted the air." This is just one tiny sentence from one of the books which describes a cloud of smoke in such a unique way. The reason the Twilight books have done so well is not only because it is a good story but also because of its intense description. I personally really enjoy both the books and the films and would advise you to read the book if you are loking for motivation in your writing.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Sometimes people help you in life. Sometimes this help is a skill that they teach you. Sometimes this help is an act of kindness. Sometimes it is both. Either way it is important to thank these people no matter what the help is. This is an important act to learn as a child because their help can really benefit and help you to go a long way. I was personally able to thank somebody recently who helped me four years ago. When my family and I went to Malta we met a nice man called Mike who taught me chess and the nine times table. Both of these skills have benefitted me in my life so far.
When I came back to London I joined a weekly chess club, which I still go to, and entered a UK chess championship and came 9th in my age group. I recently met up with Mike and had a lovely afternoon playing chess, we drew. The picture above is of Mike and I.