Saturday, 7 August 2010

Sometimes people help you in life. Sometimes this help is a skill that they teach you. Sometimes this help is an act of kindness. Sometimes it is both. Either way it is important to thank these people no matter what the help is. This is an important act to learn as a child because their help can really benefit and help you to go a long way. I was personally able to thank somebody recently who helped me four years ago. When my family and I went to Malta we met a nice man called Mike who taught me chess and the nine times table. Both of these skills have benefitted me in my life so far.
When I came back to London I joined a weekly chess club, which I still go to, and entered a UK chess championship and came 9th in my age group. I recently met up with Mike and had a lovely afternoon playing chess, we drew. The picture above is of Mike and I.

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